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Hi There! 👋
Welcome to our hiking blog where you can find a plethora of articles to guide you through your next outdoor adventure 🌲 like a seasoned pro. Our blog is dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to make the most out of your hiking experience. ⛰️

In addition to hiking destinations, we also offer helpful tips and advice on the best gear to bring along on your hikes. We know that having the right equipment can make all the difference in the world when it comes to a successful and enjoyable hike🥾. That’s why we take the time to review and test various gear, so you can feel confident in your choices.

Lastly, we understand that hiking can be challenging, especially for beginners. That’s why we provide articles that offer practical advice on how to improve your hiking skills and take your outdoor experience to the next level. From tips on how to properly use hiking poles to suggestions on how to train🏋️ for a long-distance hike, our blog has got you covered.

So whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just starting out, our blog is the perfect resource to help you plan and prepare for your next hiking adventure. We hope our articles inspire you to get out there and explore the great outdoors!


I lost my backpack 🎒 in my last trip at Ottawa, so I had to used my friend’s hydration backpack .

This little backpack exceeded my expectations. I used this for seven days of hiking in Utah 🏜️ . I found it very comfortable. The photos 📷 show the padding on the back and on the straps themselves. I was able to stuff all sorts of things in it–see photos.

The front chest strap is movable so you can slide it up or down if it comes across your chest in an uncomfortable place. Backpack comes with a rain cover 🌧️ that I used several times though it was very light rain so I can’t comment on the protection it provided. The water bladder 🚰 included worked well with no issues. I used the straps on the outside of the pack to secure an extra jacket 🧥 at times. I hung a zip-cord lip balm holder off the bottom which made it easy to reach while hiking. Side outside pockets were great for things I wanted to reach easily. Inside I had quite a lot of survival supplies and first aid supplies. 🚑

During my last trip to Ottawa, I unfortunately lost my backpack 🎒 and had to rely on a friend’s hydration backpack. To my surprise, this little backpack exceeded all my expectations 😮 . I ended up using it for seven days of hiking in Utah, and I found it to be incredibly comfortable and versatile.

One of the standout features of this backpack is the padding on the back and straps. The photos clearly show the level of padding provided, which made it comfortable to carry even during long hikes. Despite its compact size, I was able to stuff all sorts of things in it, as evidenced by the photos. Additionally, the front chest strap is movable, which allows you to adjust it for maximum comfort.

Another great feature of this backpack is the rain cover ☔ that comes included. Although I only encountered light rain, I used the cover several times and it kept my belongings dry. The water bladder also worked flawlessly, with no issues whatsoever. I appreciated the fact that there were straps on the outside of the pack that allowed me to secure an extra jacket at times. I also hung a zip-cord lip balm holder off the bottom, which made it easy to reach while hiking. The side outside pockets were perfect for items that I needed quick access to, such as my phone or a snack.

Inside the backpack, I was able to store a significant amount of survival and first aid 🚑 supplies. The backpack is surprisingly roomy, which made it easy to carry all the gear I needed for my hikes.

I was incredibly impressed with this backpack and would highly recommend 🌟 it to anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable hydration backpack for their outdoor adventures.

As you can see, its very well adjustable on the hips and on the chest as well. That’s what makes it so comfy

As you may have noticed, this product has been designed with great attention to detail in terms of comfort and adjustability. The adjustable hip and chest straps allow for a personalized fit that can accommodate a wide range of body types, ensuring that you can wear it comfortably for extended periods of time.

Additionally, the comfort factor is further enhanced by the use of high-quality materials that are both durable and breathable. The straps are made of a soft, yet sturdy material that won’t rub or chafe against your skin, even during intense physical activity. The back panel is also designed to promote airflow, preventing excessive sweating 😓 and discomfort.

This product is a great choice for anyone who values comfort and functionality in their outdoor gear. Whether you’re planning a long hike or a day trip, this backpack will provide the support and comfort you need to fully enjoy your outdoor adventure. With its adjustable straps and breathable materials, you can be sure that you’ll stay comfortable and focused on the trail ahead.

There’s really nothing that I do not like about my backpack. It has been great I’ve taken it on a couple of backpacking adventures already and it has made my travels ✈️ that much greater and simpler

I like the capacity and the ease of function. My biggest concern with any product that I buy is the quality. I will say this pack seems to have very good quality for the money spent, the zippers work well and the bag is made with good material. I Definitely recommend this pack to anybody.

It’s always great to find a product that exceeds your expectations, and it sounds like your backpack has done just that. The combination of its capacity and ease of function makes it an ideal choice for backpacking 🎒 adventures, as you’ve experienced firsthand.

One of the things that can make or break a product is its quality, and it’s great to hear that your backpack is holding up well. The fact that the zippers work smoothly and the material is durable speaks to the care that was put into designing and manufacturing the product.

In addition to its practical features, it’s always a bonus when a product looks good too. Does your backpack have a design or color that you particularly like? It can be a small thing, but having a product that you enjoy looking at can make a big difference in your overall satisfaction with it. 😍

Overall, it’s clear that you’re really happy with your backpack and would recommend it to others. Are there any particular features or aspects of the backpack that you would highlight to someone who is considering purchasing it? Sharing your personal experiences and insights can be really helpful to others who are looking to make an informed decision 🤔💭 .

My rating for this bar: 7.5/10
Anna’s rating : 9/10

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Another item that is an ABSOLUTE MUST , when the weather is cold ❄️ are toe warmer.
Yes, you heard right, the pads are meant to be use inside your boots 🥾 !

When it comes to outdoor activities in cold weather, it’s essential to have gear that can keep you warm and comfortable. One item that I highly recommend for anyone who spends time outdoors in the cold are toe warmers. These small pads are designed to be worn inside your boots 🥾 or shoes and can make a huge difference in keeping your feet warm.

Despite their compact size, toe warmers are incredibly effective at retaining heat and keeping your toes from getting cold and numb. They are also designed to be lightweight and low-profile, so they won’t add bulk or interfere with the fit of your footwear.

One of the great things about toe warmers is that they can be used in a variety of different activities, from skiing and snowboarding 🎿 to hiking and hunting. And because they’re so small and easy to use, you can bring them with you wherever you go and simply stick them onto your socks or the bottom of your shoes when needed.

As someone who has used toe warmers on many occasions, I can attest to their effectiveness. I prefer to stick them on top of my socks in my ski boots, as they seem to keep my toes warmer that way. And the best part is that they stay warm for the entire day, even during extended periods of use.

I would recommend toe warmers for anyone who wants to stay warm and comfortable during outdoor activities in cold weather. They are an affordable and effective way to keep your feet toasty warm and ensure that you can enjoy your outdoor adventures to the fullest.

My rating for the toe warmer: 10/10
Anna’s rating : 8/10

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When it comes to family adventures, one of the most important things to remember is to always bring food🥪 Hunger can strike at any time, and having a stash of tasty and nutritious snacks on hand can make all the difference in keeping everyone happy and energized.

But what makes a good snack for family adventures? First and foremost, you want something that will last for a while without going bad. This is particularly important for longer trips, where you may not have access to fresh food for extended periods of time. Look for snacks 🥜 that are shelf-stable, such as trail mix, beef jerky, or energy bars.

Of course, taste is also an important consideration. Nobody wants to eat something that doesn’t taste good, especially when you’re already tired and hungry from a day of adventure. Look for snacks that are flavorful and satisfying, such as popcorn, 🍿 crackers, or dried fruit.

Nutrition is another key factor to consider when selecting snacks for family adventures. You want something that will provide sustained energy and help keep everyone feeling full and satisfied. Look for snacks that are high in protein and fiber, such as nuts, seeds, and whole-grain crackers.

Finally, cost is another consideration when selecting snacks for family adventures. You want something that is affordable and won’t break the bank, especially if you’re feeding a larger group. Look for snacks that are reasonably priced and can be purchased in bulk, such as trail mix or granola bars.

Overall, when it comes to selecting snacks for family adventures, it’s important to consider a variety of factors, including shelf life, taste, nutrition, and cost. By finding snacks that meet all of these criteria, you can help ensure that everyone stays happy, healthy, and energized throughout your adventure.

We’ll share some of our favorite snacks and drink 🍽️

Finding healthy, satisfying snacks is essential for anyone with a busy schedule, and these bars fit the bill perfectly. Not only are they packed with delicious flavor, but they also provide the energy needed to keep going through even the busiest of days.

When it comes to endurance rides, these bars are simply the best of the best. They provide sustained energy without being too sweet or heavy, making them perfect for long rides or other high-intensity activities.

One of the things we love most about these bars is their all-natural ingredients. Unlike many other bars that taste synthetic and are difficult to digest, these bars are loaded with nuts and berries 🍓 that provide a wholesome, satisfying snack. And at 380 calories per bar, they pack a powerful punch of natural energy that keeps us going for hours.

These bars have become our go-to choice for any trip that involves high levels of physical activity. We trust them to provide the nutrients and energy needed to keep us going, and we appreciate the fact that they’re made with real, wholesome ingredients that we can feel good about.

My rating for this bar: 8.5/10
Anna’s rating : 5/10

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On that very same trip, my wife Anna and I decided to bring along a new tool that we thought could be a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts like us. We’re talking about the Compressed Air Duster – Electric Air Duster 100000RPM. This reusable and cordless air duster proved to be incredibly useful during our trip. Here’s our personal experience with this versatile product.

During our hikes, we often encounter dust and debris that can accumulate on our equipment, such as cameras, binoculars, GPS devices, and smartphones. The Compressed Air Duster, with its powerful 100000RPM rotating speed, provided high-pressure air to effortlessly remove dust and debris from these devices. It made cleaning a breeze and ensured that our gear was always ready to use.

The Electric Air Duster isn’t just for cleaning hiking equipment; we found it useful for a variety of tasks during our trip. With its long and thin nozzle, we could easily clean hard-to-reach areas in our tent, camping chairs, and even our shoes. Additionally, the electric air blower function came in handy when inflating items like swimming rings and air cushions, and even helped to blow fire for our barbecue.

🎒 Compact and Portable Design 🎒

The cordless and lightweight design of the Compressed Air Duster made it easy to carry with us on our hikes. It didn’t take up much space in our backpacks, and its ergonomic design made it comfortable to hold and use. The 7600mAh battery allowed for extended use, ensuring that we never ran out of power during our trip.

Charging the air duster was simple, thanks to its USB Type-C charging port. We could easily charge it using our portable power bank, ensuring that it was always ready to use when we needed it. Just remember to let the device cool down for ten minutes after use before charging to protect the battery.

In conclusion, the Compressed Air Duster – Electric Air Duster 100000RPM was an invaluable addition to our hiking trip. It helped us keep our gear clean and functional, and its versatility made it useful for various tasks around our campsite. We highly recommend this product to fellow hikers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a convenient and efficient way to clean and maintain their gear during outdoor adventures.

My rating for the air duster: 7.5/10
Anna’s rating: 9/10

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Now here is one of the most lets say… Interesting , snack item that we have had so far.

If you are looking for a delicious and healthy snack that can provide you with the energy you need to power through your day, then look no further than these honey waffles!🍯 We were pleasantly surprised by just how delicious and flavorful these waffles were, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a tasty and satisfying snack.

Not only do these waffles taste great, but they are also perfect for providing you with the energy you need before or after a long walk or run. They are light in carbs and easy to chew, making them a great go-to snack for any active person on the go. We found that they worked wonders for keeping us fueled during our workouts 🏃‍♀️ and hikes.

What’s more, these waffles are made with all-natural ingredients and contain no preservatives or weird chemicals that you can’t pronounce. And the honey flavor is simply out of this world! It’s no wonder that we rate the taste as 11 out of 10.

In summary, if you’re a runner or hiker looking for a delicious and nutritious snack to keep you going, these honey waffles are definitely worth a try. So go ahead and give them a taste – your taste buds (and your body) will thank you!

My rating for the Honey Waffle 🍯: 10/10
Anna’s rating : 10/10

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Now that you know some good item to bring to EAT, how about something to DRINK ! 💧
There are many many many choice of electrolyte drink, vitamin drink, probiotic, etc etc etc.
So many choicces that it can be a little bit confusing , to say the least.. Even for us…

We decided to try one of the top seller in the “Electrolyte and Replacement Drink” 🥤 section.

it is now time to present you one of the most hydrating drink we have ever tested so far The Nuun Sport: Electrolyte Drink Tablets You heard right ! it is a Tablet ! 💊 You simply mix the dry tablet in water and thats all

Another positive aspect of the Nuun Sport Electrolyte Drink Tablets is the variety of flavors available. From lemon-lime to fruit punch, 🍋🍓 there is a flavor for every taste preference. Plus, the tablets are small and easy to pack, making them a convenient option for on-the-go hydration during hikes, runs, or any outdoor activities.

In addition to being hydrating and flavorful, the Nuun Sport Electrolyte Drink Tablets are also low in calories and sugar, making them a healthier option compared to other sports drinks that are often loaded with sugar and artificial additives. This makes it a great option for those who are watching their calorie intake or are simply looking for a healthier alternative to traditional sports drinks.

The tablets are also versatile and can be used for a variety of activities beyond sports and fitness, such as during long flights ✈️ or hot summer days ☀️ . They are also great for those who prefer to stay away from sugary drinks and want a more natural option to stay hydrated.

Overall, we highly recommend the Nuun Sport Electrolyte Drink Tablets 🌟👍 . The benefits of the tablets far outweigh the minor inconvenience of having to wait for them to dissolve in the water. Plus, the tablets are small and easy to carry in a bag or pocket, making them a great option for athletes or anyone who needs to stay hydrated on the go.

We also appreciate the fact that the tablets are low in sugar and calories, making them a healthier option than some other sports drinks on the market. And the variety of flavors available means there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a convenient, tasty, and effective way to stay hydrated during physical activity, give the Nuun Sport Electrolyte Drink Tablets a try. You won’t be disappointed!


The downside is that they take at least 10 minutes ⏱ to dissolve in the cup of water so if you want to drink it in a hurry..well good luck.

We find that it is not too much of a big deal, since 10 minutes is a little too long,
But we did wish it was a LITTLE bit faster…

Overall, despite the slightly slow dissolution time, we highly recommend the Nuun Sport electrolyte tablets as a great alternative to sugary sports drinks. With no artificial sweeteners or unnecessary additives, these tablets provide all the necessary electrolytes to keep you hydrated during your workouts. Plus, the fizzy texture makes hydration more enjoyable and less of a chore. We believe these tablets are a valuable addition to any active person’s pantry and will continue to use them ourselves in the future.

And 1 last thing about this product, did you know that there is only 15 calories in each capsule.
So if your goal is to lose weight, this is a pretty good alternative to other drinks.

My rating for the Electrolyte Tablet: 6/10
Anna’s rating : 9/10

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🌲 KAZETEC Stainless Steel Coffee ☕ Scoop: A Hiker’s 🥾 Morning Companion 🌲

During our recent hiking trip, my wife Anna and I decided to bring along a new addition to our outdoor kitchen gear – the KAZETEC Metal Stainless Steel 1 Tablespoon 🥄 Measuring Coffee Scoop Spoon (Set of 5). These coffee scoops made our morning coffee ritual a breeze and added a touch of convenience to our outdoor adventures. Here’s our personal experience with this practical product.

☕ Perfect Measurements for Our Morning Brew 🌅

Getting the right amount of coffee grounds for our morning coffee is crucial, especially when we’re out in the wilderness 🏞️ and need that energy boost. The KAZETEC stainless steel coffee scoops provided us with accurate 1-tablespoon measurements, ensuring that we enjoyed a consistent and delicious cup of coffee every day.

🍴 Durable and Easy to Clean 🧽

The stainless steel construction of these coffee scoops made them durable and easy to clean. After using them, we could quickly rinse them off 💦 or wipe them down, and they were ready to be used again the next day. Their durability also meant that we didn’t have to worry about them getting damaged in our backpacks 🎒 while hiking.

🏕️ Multipurpose Use for Outdoor Cooking 🥘

Although these scoops are designed for measuring coffee, we found them to be useful for other tasks as well. The 1-tablespoon measurement was perfect for portioning spices 🧂, sugar, or other ingredients while preparing our meals at the campsite. Having a set of 5 scoops also meant that we could use them for multiple ingredients without needing to clean them between each use.

🎒 Compact and Easy to Carry 🏃‍♀️

The KAZETEC coffee scoops were compact and easy to carry with us on our hikes. They didn’t take up much space in our backpacks, and their lightweight design made them an ideal addition to our outdoor kitchen gear. We could easily attach them to our camping cookware or utensils with a carabiner 🔗, keeping them within reach and organized.

In conclusion, the KAZETEC Metal Stainless Steel 1 Tablespoon 🥄 Measuring Coffee Scoop Spoon (Set of 5) was a fantastic addition to our hiking trip. It helped us enjoy a perfect cup of coffee ☕ every morning and proved to be a versatile tool for our outdoor cooking needs. We highly recommend these coffee scoops to fellow hikers 🥾 and outdoor enthusiasts looking for a convenient and durable solution for their morning coffee rituals and outdoor meal preparations.

My rating for the coffee scoop: 9.5/10
Anna’s rating: 8/10

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🚴 Retrospec Remi Adult Bike Helmet : Enhancing Safety and Comfort on Our Cycling Adventures 🌄

On a recent biking excursion through scenic mountain trails, my partner and I 🚵‍♂️🚵‍♀️ decided to upgrade our safety gear with the Retrospec Bike-Helmets Retrospec Remi Adult Bike Helmet for Men & Women. This helmet not only provided us with excellent protection 😇 but also added a level of comfort that made our cycling experience even better. Here’s our take on this fantastic helmet.

🛡️ Superior Protection for Peace of Mind 🌳

The Retrospec Remi helmet delivered outstanding safety features, giving us the confidence 🙌 to tackle even the most challenging trails. Its sturdy construction and attention to detail ensured that our heads were well-protected as we maneuvered through various terrains 🏞️.

💨 Excellent Ventilation for a Cool Ride 🚵‍♂️

Featuring a well-designed ventilation system, the Retrospec Remi helmet allowed for optimal airflow 💨, keeping our heads cool and comfortable throughout our ride. This was especially important during our more strenuous uphill climbs ⛰️ or when the weather got warmer ☀️.

🎚️ Adjustable Fit for Ultimate Comfort 🚵‍♀️

One of the standout features of the Retrospec Remi helmet was its adjustable fit system. This allowed both of us to achieve the perfect fit 👌, ensuring that the helmet stayed securely in place without being too tight or uncomfortable.

🌈 Stylish Design for a Modern Look 🎨

The Retrospec Remi helmet not only performed well but also looked great 😎. With a sleek, modern design and a variety of colors to choose from, we were able to find the perfect style to match our personalities and cycling gear 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️.

💡 Added Visibility for Safety on the Road 🌃

As we often embarked on early morning 🌅 or evening rides 🌇, the Retrospec Remi helmet’s built-in reflective elements provided us with increased visibility. This was a welcome safety feature when sharing the road with vehicles 🚗 or other cyclists 🚴.

To sum it up, the Retrospec Bike-Helmets Retrospec Remi Adult Bike Helmet for Men & Women was a fantastic addition to our cycling adventures. With excellent safety features, comfort, and style, we couldn’t have asked for a better helmet to accompany us on our journeys 🗺️. We wholeheartedly recommend this helmet to fellow cycling enthusiasts and anyone looking to prioritize safety and comfort on their rides.

My rating for the helmet: 9.5/10
My partner’s rating: 9.5/10

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SPICE THINGS UP ! 🌶️ 🌶️ 🌶️

It’s very possible that during a trip, the taste of the food might not be the best of the best..
However, there is a way to transform a tastless food/snack into something delicious by adding the right spices to spice things up.

This spice container is a GREAT product for camping. ( Even if I wished that the container was refillable) .
There was a sweet version with sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate curls 🍫 , baking powder, etc for sweeting desserts and hot chocoate, or making french toast. Overall very handy and easy to use.
My wife Anna absolutely loves it !

We used it for camping and it was so much easier to have basically all our spices in one container!
We ended up using everything except the curry but I’m sure we’ll find a use on one of our next trips. Would definitely recommend to any readers of my blog for any event or occasion.

When it comes to food while traveling ✈️ , taste can often be hit or miss. You might find yourself with a bland and unappetizing meal or snack, but fear not! There is a simple solution that can turn any bland dish into a delicious one: adding the right spices. And what better way to bring your spices 🌶️ with you on your travels than in a convenient spice container?

Enter the spice container 🌶️ we recently tried out during our camping trip. While we wish it was refillable, this container was a lifesaver when it came to seasoning our meals. The sweet version contained sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate curls, baking powder, and more, making it perfect for sweetening desserts or hot chocolate 🍫 , or for making French toast. Overall, it was incredibly handy and easy to use. My wife, Anna, absolutely loved it!

Using the container during our camping trip made things so much easier. With all of our spices in one place, we didn’t have to worry about bringing multiple containers or searching through a jumble of spice bags to find what we needed. We ended up using everything except for the curry, but I’m sure we’ll find a use for it on our next trip.

One of the best things about this spice container is how versatile it is. Whether you’re camping, road-tripping, or just cooking at home, it’s a great addition to any kitchen or travel kit. We highly recommend it to anyone who loves to cook or wants to add some extra flavor to their meals.

Another great feature of this spice container is that it’s incredibly lightweight and portable, making it perfect for on-the-go use. And with a variety of spice options available, you’re sure to find a blend that suits your tastes.

In conclusion, if you’re someone who enjoys cooking or wants to add some extra flavor to your meals while traveling, we highly recommend 👍 this spice container. It’s a game-changer for anyone who loves to spice things up in the kitchen or on the road. So, whether you’re planning a camping trip or just looking for an easy way to add some flavor to your meals at home, be sure to give this product a try.

My rating for the Spices: 8 to 8.5/10
Anna’s rating : 8/10

Get it on amazon 🇺🇸 🛒
Get it on amazon 🇨🇦 🛒


🌳 Trekassy 700lb 40 Inch Saucer Tree Swing: Our Personal Experience 🌳

On our hiking and camping trip to Mexico, my wife Anna and I decided to try out the Trekassy 700lb 40 Inch Saucer Tree Swing. We were looking for a fun and relaxing way to enjoy our time in nature, and this tree swing did not disappoint! Here’s our personal experience with this fantastic product.

🌲 A Fun Break During Our Hike 🌲

We came across a perfect spot to set up the saucer swing during our hike. We were amazed at how quickly and easily we could install it using the included tree hanging straps. These straps protected the tree bark and provided a secure attachment point for the swing. In no time, we were swinging away and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

The 40-inch diameter saucer was spacious enough for both of us to sit comfortably. The swing’s 700lb weight capacity made it ideal for adults, ensuring that we felt safe and supported. We even tried different swinging positions, such as standing and lying down, which added to the fun.

🌳 Durable and Weatherproof Materials 🌳

The Trekassy Saucer Tree Swing’s steel frame and 900D Oxford waterproof fabric proved to be durable and weather-resistant throughout our trip. The adjustable ropes, made from high-quality PE webbing, ensured stability while swinging. We were impressed with the overall build quality of the swing, giving us confidence that it would last for many more adventures to come.

🍃 Adjustable Ropes for Customized Swinging 🍃

We appreciated the adjustable ropes, which allowed us to set the swing’s height to our preferences. This feature made the swing suitable for various ages and heights, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone.

🌞 Unwinding in Nature 🌞

After a long day of hiking, there was nothing better than relaxing on the Trekassy Saucer Tree Swing. It was a unique way to unwind and enjoy the great outdoors. The swing offered an enjoyable way to take breaks during our hikes or simply spend quality time together in nature.

In conclusion, our personal experience with the Trekassy 700lb 40 Inch Saucer Tree Swing was fantastic. It added a fun and relaxing element to our hiking trip, and we couldn’t be happier with the quality and ease of use. We highly recommend this tree swing for fellow hikers and outdoor enthusiasts looking to enhance their outdoor adventures. 🌳

My rating for the Saucer Tree Swing: 9/10
Anna’s rating: 9.5/10

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When it comes to maintaining a healthy diet, it’s important to pay attention to the source of your carbohydrate energy. You want to make sure you’re getting your sugar from a natural source rather than processed or refined white sugar, which can be detrimental to your health.

Refined sugars, which are often found in processed foods and drinks, have been linked to a host of health problems including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Studies have also shown that a diet high in refined sugars may increase your risk of depression, dementia, liver disease, and certain types of cancer.

That’s why it’s essential to avoid processed and refined white sugar at all costs. Instead, try to get your sugar fix from natural sources like fruit. 🍓 Not only are fruits naturally sweet and delicious, but they also contain important vitamins, minerals, and fiber that your body needs.

One great way to incorporate natural fruit into your diet is through freeze-dried fruit. Freeze-dried fruit is a great option because it retains all of its nutrients and natural sweetness, but in a convenient and portable form. You can easily add it to your breakfast yogurt or cereal, or just snack on it throughout the day for a healthy and delicious energy boost.

So remember, when it comes to sugar, white sugar is bad, and natural fruit sugar is good. Make sure you’re getting your sugar fix from a natural source and consider adding freeze-dried fruit🍌t to your diet for a healthy and tasty way to start your day!

The freeze-dried fruit snacks are a great alternative to candy and other sugary treats, and they offer a healthier snack option for those who want to enjoy something sweet without sacrificing their health. These snacks are very tasty, but it’s important to note that they can be quite addictive, and you may find yourself finishing off the whole bag in one or two sittings.

The only downside to these snacks is that they can be a little pricey for the amount you get. However, when you consider the fact that they are made from all-natural ingredients and are free of preservatives and other harmful additives, the cost is well worth it. These snacks are a great way to get your daily dose of fruit, and they are perfect for taking to work or for snacking on-the-go.

One of the things that I love about these freeze-dried fruit snacks is that the fruit is dried instantly, which helps to preserve most of the enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients. This means that you are getting all the benefits of fresh fruit in a convenient and easy-to-eat snack. The strawberries 🍓 are a little bit tart, which may not be to everyone’s liking, but if you enjoy that tartness, then you will absolutely love these snacks.

My wife, Anna, is absolutely obsessed with these snacks, and I have to hide the remaining packages before she devours them all in one sitting! Overall, I highly recommend these freeze-dried fruit snacks to anyone who is looking for a healthy and delicious snack option. They are much better than jumping on candy and other processed treats, and they offer a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

My rating for the dried fruits: 9/10
Anna’s rating : 7.5/10

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Get it on amazon 🇨🇦 🛒


Fish finder device make fishing so much easier !

When I first tried out the Bobber ReelSonar Smart Fish Finder during my fishing trip in California, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to set up and use. As someone who had never used a fish finder before, I was a bit intimidated at first, but the setup process was straightforward and intuitive.

One of the first things I noticed about the device was how quickly it charged and how long it held the charge. I was able to use it for hours on end without having to worry about the battery dying. However, it’s important to note that you should avoid leaving it in the water for extended periods of time, as this can drain the battery faster than normal.

One thing I learned quickly was that you need to use heavy test line when casting out the iBobber, as it’s quite heavy and can break light test lines during casting and reeling. Additionally, the unit doesn’t come with any of the suggested swivels for attaching the iBobber to your line, so be sure to have some on hand if you plan to use it right away.

The way the device works is by connecting it to an app on your phone. You can download the main app from the App Store if you have an iPhone or from Google Play if you have an Android device. My wife and I both have iPhones, but I assume the app should be the same for Android as well. The fishing sensor on the device uses a Bluetooth signal, so when a fish swims near it, you’ll hear a loud beep that alerts you to the fish’s presence. If you don’t hear any noise, either you haven’t set up the product properly, or there are no fish in the area.

Overall, I found the Bobber ReelSonar Smart Fish Finder to be a great product for shore fishing and kayak fishing. It’s incredibly user-friendly and has a wide range of useful features, including water temperature and depth readings, as well as fish location alerts. I was able to catch more fish in less time, which made the entire fishing experience much more enjoyable. If you’re someone who enjoys fishing and wants to increase your chances of success, I highly recommend giving this product a try.

My rating for the fish radar: 10/10
Anna’s rating : 10/10

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It is of great importance of an extra protein source, when hiking for a long period of time.

Here is one of the most nutrient dense effective VEGAN 🌱 protein powder on the market right now:

As a fitness enthusiast, getting enough protein is crucial for me, which is why I’m always on the lookout for high-quality chocolate protein powders. Over time, I’ve tried almost every brand of vegan 🌱 chocolate protein 🍫 powder available in the market, and I’ve had my fair share of experiences with those that taste earthy and have a chalky texture. But this one brand stands out.

The first factor that’s important to me is the protein-to-calorie ratio, and this brand definitely hits the mark. Some vegan proteins have less protein per serving than whey and are higher in calories, but not this one. With 20g of protein for only 109 kcal, it’s a great balance that keeps me full and energized throughout the day.

Of course, taste is also important to me. I want to enjoy my protein shake 🥤 , and this brand doesn’t disappoint. While the smell when I first opened the container was earthy, the taste itself is pretty good. I do add a tiny bit of sugar-free sweetener to give it that extra little bit of sweetness that I feel is missing, but that’s just a personal preference.

The price per serving is also pretty average, and the huge container makes it an even better deal. Plus, the fact that I’m almost out and need to restock should tell you something – this brand is definitely a winner in my book.

Overall, I absolutely recommend this chocolate protein powder 🍫💪 to anyone looking for a high-quality, vegan option that delivers on taste, protein content, and value. It’s become a staple in my pantry, and I have no doubt that it’ll become one in yours too.

My rating for the vegan 🌱 protein: 9/.510
Anna’s rating : 8/10

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Did you know that some emergency 🚨 food boxes may last up to 30 years!

Here is one of those EXTREMELY LONG LASTING food supply that i have tried during my last trip to Thailand (when we were lost for 4 days..)

When it comes to emergency situations, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. You never know when disaster could strike, whether it’s a natural disaster or getting lost in the wilderness. That’s why having a supply of emergency food on hand can be a real lifesaver. And when it comes to emergency food, 🚨 Wise Company’s long-lasting freeze-dried food is an excellent choice.

What really stands out about Wise Company’s emergency food is its incredibly long shelf life. With a shelf life of up to 30 year 🗓️ , you can rest assured that your emergency food supply will be there for you when you need it most. And the best part is, the long shelf life isn’t achieved through the use of any weird or harmful chemicals. Instead, Wise Company uses a technique called “freeze-drying” to preserve the food.

Freeze-drying ❄️ is a process that involves freezing the food, then reducing the pressure and adding heat to allow the frozen water in the material to turn directly into vapor. This results in a food product that has a much lower moisture content, making it less susceptible to spoilage. Plus, because the food is frozen before the water is removed, it retains much of its original flavor and nutritional content.

So, what about the taste? Well, surprisingly, the freeze-dried food from Wise Company actually tastes pretty good! In fact, some people even prefer the taste of freeze-dried food over traditional dehydrated food. And with a wide variety of meal options available, from pasta primavera to beef stroganoff, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

One thing to keep in mind is that Wise Company’s emergency food is designed to be used in emergency situations 🆘 , not as a regular part of your everyday diet. While the food is high in calories and nutrients, it’s not necessarily balanced in terms of macronutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fat. So, if you do decide to incorporate Wise Company’s emergency food into your diet on a regular basis, it’s important to supplement it with other foods to ensure that you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs.

I really recommend Wise Company’s freeze-dried emergency food to anyone looking for a reliable, long-lasting, 🚨 and tasty emergency food supply. With its 30-year shelf life and wide variety of meal options, it’s a smart choice for anyone who wants to be prepared for whatever life may throw their way.

My rating for the emergency food 🚨 : 8.5/10
Anna’s rating : 9/10

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You CANNOT afford to get sick during a trip. The best way to prevent bacterial infection is to drink clean water

water filter

drinking straight from a small river in sweet California

I recently went on a hiking and camping trip in California and had the chance to try out this water filter. Let me tell you, it was a game-changer! Instead of lugging around a bunch of water bottles or a hydration bag, I was able to just take this compact and lightweight filter with me and drink from any water source I came across without any worries.

At first, I was a bit hesitant to stick the filter in a random stream, but once I took my first sip I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, the initial drink was a bit harsh, 😯 but that’s just the water running through the filter. It’s a small price to pay for knowing that the filter is doing its job and providing safe drinking water.

After that first sip, the rest of my drinks were smooth and easy. I never had to worry about the quality of the water I was drinking, which gave me peace of mind 💭 during my entire trip. Just be sure to clean the filter according to the instructions after each use, or else it may stop working properly.

Overall, I highly recommend this water filter to anyone who loves hiking and camping, or even just for emergency preparedness. It’s a convenient and reliable way to ensure you always have access to safe drinking water. Don’t hesitate to add it to your gear and use it whenever you feel thirsty on your next outdoor adventure 🌲 !

My rating for the straw: 9/10
Anna’s rating : 9/10

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Another essential item for your hiking adventures is a reliable smartphone that can keep you connected, provide useful information, and capture your experiences. The OnePlus Nord N200 5G is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts, and we’re excited to share our thoughts on this device.

🌄 Hiking and Smartphone Connectivity 🌄

One of the major concerns when hiking is staying connected, especially in remote areas where cell coverage may be limited. The OnePlus Nord N200 5G’s support for 5G connectivity ensures that you have a better chance of staying connected when you need it most. With faster download and upload speeds, you can quickly access trail maps, weather updates, and emergency services.

📸 Capturing Your Hiking Memories 📸

The OnePlus Nord N200 5G comes equipped with a triple camera system that allows you to capture stunning photos and videos of your hiking adventures. The 64GB storage capacity ensures you have enough space to store all your memories. Whether you’re snapping pictures of breathtaking vistas or recording your progress on a challenging trail, this smartphone’s camera will impress you with its clarity and vibrant colors.

🔋 Long-lasting Battery Life 🔋

When you’re out in the wilderness, access to power sources can be scarce. The OnePlus Nord N200 5G’s large 5000mAh battery ensures that your device will last through your hikes without needing a recharge. Additionally, its fast charging capabilities mean you can quickly power up your device during rest stops, ensuring that you’re always ready for the next adventure.

📱 Rugged and Durable Design 📱

The OnePlus Nord N200 5G is designed to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor adventures. Its sturdy build and Blue Quantum color give it a rugged look that complements your hiking gear. While it may not be specifically designed for extreme outdoor conditions, a protective case and screen protector can help to safeguard your device against drops and impacts.

🏞️ Navigation and Hiking Apps 🏞️

The OnePlus Nord N200 5G runs on Android, which means you have access to a wide range of hiking and navigation apps. Whether you’re using AllTrails to discover new trails or Gaia GPS for accurate navigation, this smartphone will be your trusty companion during your outdoor excursions.

In conclusion, the OnePlus Nord N200 5G is a fantastic choice for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. Its reliable connectivity, impressive camera, long-lasting battery life, and compatibility with hiking apps make it an invaluable tool for your adventures. We highly recommend this smartphone for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor experience. 🌲

My rating for the cellphone 📱: 8.5/10
Anna’s rating: 9/10

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🌲 GOLREX Bluetooth Headphones 🎧: Elevating Our Hiking 🥾 Experience with Wireless Beats 🎵

On our latest wilderness adventure, my wife Anna and I decided to enhance our experience by bringing the GOLREX Bluetooth Headphones 5.3 Wireless Earbuds with us. These earbuds offered exceptional sound quality and convenience, making our hikes even more enjoyable. Here’s our personalized review of this fantastic audio accessory.

🎵 Uninterrupted Music for the Trails 🛣️

The GOLREX wireless earbuds provided an incredible 36 hours of playtime, thanks to their wireless charging case. This long-lasting battery life ensured that we could listen to our favorite tunes 🎶 throughout our hikes without worrying about running out of power.

🎧 Secure and Comfortable Fit for Active Hikers 🏃‍♀️

Equipped with over-ear hooks, the GOLREX earbuds were designed with active users in mind. This secure and comfortable fit ensured that the earbuds stayed in place during our most challenging hikes, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in nature’s beauty without any distractions.

💧 Waterproof Design for Unexpected Weather 🌦️

As we ventured through various terrains and weather conditions, the GOLREX Bluetooth headphones’ waterproof design proved to be an excellent feature. We didn’t have to worry about our earbuds getting damaged by rain, sweat, or even the occasional river crossing 🌊, which was a huge relief.

🎤 Clear Calls with Built-in Mic 📞

The GOLREX wireless earbuds also came equipped with a built-in microphone, enabling us to make and receive phone calls with crystal-clear audio. This feature was particularly helpful when we needed to communicate with fellow hikers, park rangers, or family members during our journey.

🔋 Digital LED Display for Easy Battery Monitoring 🔌

With a digital LED display on the charging case, we could effortlessly keep track of the battery life for both the earbuds and the case itself. This made it easy to plan our charging sessions during breaks or overnight stops.

In conclusion, the GOLREX Bluetooth Headphones 5.3 Wireless Earbuds provided us with an amazing audio experience during our recent hiking trip. The combination of excellent sound quality, comfort, and durability made these earbuds a perfect companion for our outdoor adventures. We would highly recommend these headphones to fellow hikers 🥾 and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable and enjoyable audio solution.

My rating for the earbuds: 9.5/10
Anna’s rating: 9/10

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🌟 Aarke CO2 Carbonator Soda Machine Refill Cylinder 🌟: Fizzing Up Our Hiking Trips with Refreshing Carbonated Water 💦🥤

On our latest hiking expedition, my partner and I decided to add a little sparkle to our hydration game by bringing along the Aarke (425g / 60L, 2-Pack) CO2 Carbonator Soda Machine Refill Cylinder. Compatible with all Aarke Carbonator models and most soda machines, these cylinders provided us with up to 120L of carbonated water 🌊, making our breaks on the trail extra refreshing! Here’s our experience using the Aarke CO2 Carbonator Refill Cylinders.

🥤 Adding Fizz to Our Hikes 🌄

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a cold, carbonated beverage after a long hike, and these Aarke CO2 Carbonator Refill Cylinders made that possible! We were able to easily create our own sparkling water 💦, turning our hiking breaks into a more enjoyable experience. We even added some fruit 🍋🍓 for a hint of natural flavor!

👍 Easy to Carry and Use 🎒

Weighing only 425g each, these CO2 cylinders were surprisingly lightweight and didn’t add much bulk to our backpacks. They were simple to use, making the process of carbonating our water quick and hassle-free ⚡.

🔄 Compatibility and Versatility 🔗

One of the best features of these Aarke CO2 Carbonator Refill Cylinders is their compatibility with various soda machines, including all Aarke Carbonator models. This means we could easily switch between different devices depending on our needs and preferences.

🌐 Environmentally Friendly Choice 🌳

Using refillable CO2 cylinders is a great way to reduce our environmental impact 🌎, as it eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles. By choosing Aarke’s CO2 Carbonator Refill Cylinders, we felt good about doing our part to reduce waste and contribute to a greener planet 🍃.

In conclusion, the Aarke (425g / 60L, 2-Pack) CO2 Carbonator Soda Machine Refill Cylinder was a fantastic addition to our hiking trips, providing us with refreshing carbonated water on demand. Easy to carry, use, and compatible with various devices, we highly recommend these cylinders for fellow hikers and outdoor enthusiasts looking to elevate their hydration game 🏞️.

My rating: 7/10
My partner’s rating: 7.5/10

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🌟 KOHLER Kaori Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet 🌟: Enhancing Our Hiking Base Camp 🏕️

During an extended hiking expedition, my partner and I set up a base camp in a cabin equipped with a KOHLER Kaori Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet in Vibrant Stainless. As avid hikers, we understood the importance of having a functional and convenient kitchen space to refuel after long days on the trails 🌲🥾.

The 2-function pull-down sprayhead 💦 made it easy to rinse off fruits and vegetables, which were essential for maintaining our energy levels during the hikes. Additionally, cleaning our cookware and dishes was effortless, so we could get back to planning our next adventure quicker.

The built-in soap dispenser 🧴 not only saved space on the counter but also ensured we had enough soap to maintain cleanliness, a crucial aspect of staying healthy during our hiking trip. The vibrant stainless finish was both visually appealing and easy to clean, a bonus after spending days in the rugged outdoors.

The high arc of the faucet allowed for more room in the sink, simplifying the process of filling hydration packs and large water bottles for our treks. This feature proved to be invaluable in our efforts to stay hydrated on the trails 🥾🏞️.

As passionate hikers, we were delighted with how the KOHLER Kaori Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet elevated our base camp experience. Its style, functionality, and convenience enabled us to focus on exploring the great outdoors, making it an indispensable part of our hiking adventure.

My rating: 8/10 ⭐
My partner’s rating: 9/10 ⭐

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🏞️ WEN 500-Pound Capacity Extra Wide Service Utility Cart 🛒: A Hiker’s Best Friend 🌲🥾

On a recent group hiking trip, we had the opportunity to use the WEN 500-Pound Capacity 46 by 25.5-Inch Extra Wide Service Utility Cart. This versatile cart quickly became an invaluable addition to our outdoor adventures, making it easier to transport our gear and supplies to and from the trailhead 🏕️.

The extra-wide design and 500-pound capacity 💪 allowed us to load up the cart with our camping equipment, food, and other essentials without worrying about overloading it. The sturdy construction and heavy-duty wheels ensured the cart could handle the rough terrain we encountered without any issues.

Maneuvering the cart was a breeze, even when fully loaded. The ergonomic handle made pushing and pulling comfortable, which was vital after a long day on the trails. The two swivel casters allowed for smooth navigation around tight corners and obstacles, making our lives much easier 🌲🌄.

As we prepared meals at our base camp, the utility cart served as a mobile kitchen station, with ample room to store our cooking equipment and food. The two large shelves provided plenty of space, while the easy-to-clean surfaces made tidying up quick and efficient.

The WEN Extra Wide Service Utility Cart proved to be a game-changer for our group hiking trips, simplifying our gear transportation and enhancing our overall outdoor experience. We highly recommend this cart to any hikers or outdoor enthusiasts looking for a reliable and practical solution to their gear transportation needs.

My rating: 7/10 ⭐
Anna’s rating: 7/10 ⭐

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🏞️ Chobani Non-Fat Greek Yogurt 🥄: A Hiker’s Nutritious Treat 🌲🥾

While preparing for one of our hiking expeditions, my wife Anna and I decided to include Chobani Non-Fat Greek Yogurt (Plain, 32oz) in our meal plan. We always look for healthy and energy-boosting food options to keep us going on the trails, and this yogurt quickly became a favorite 🌄.

Chobani Greek Yogurt offers a delicious and creamy texture, making it a delightful snack or addition to our meals. Packed with protein 💪 and calcium, it provided us with essential nutrients to fuel our bodies during our demanding hikes.

We found the plain flavor to be extremely versatile, allowing us to enjoy the yogurt on its own or mixed with granola, fruits, or nuts for a tasty trail snack 🍓🥜. We also used it as a healthier substitute for sour cream and mayo in our campsite cooking, adding a refreshing tang to our dishes without the extra calories.

The 32oz container was perfect for our multi-day hiking adventure, giving us enough yogurt to last throughout the trip without taking up too much space in our cooler. It also featured a resealable lid, ensuring our yogurt stayed fresh and minimizing the risk of spills in our backpacks.

Chobani Non-Fat Greek Yogurt has become a staple in our hiking food supply, providing us with a healthy, versatile, and satisfying snack option. If you’re searching for a nutritious and delicious addition to your outdoor meals, give Chobani Greek Yogurt a try!

My rating: 9/10 ⭐
Anna’s rating: 9/10 ⭐

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DigiCharge Floating Handle Grip Mount 🌊: A Hiker’s Essential for Wet Adventures 🌲🥾📸

On our with water crossings, Anna and I decided to try the DigiCharge Floating Handle Grip Mount with Hand Strap for our action cameras. We needed something reliable and secure to keep our cameras afloat in case of accidental drops, and this yellow grip mount checked all the boxes.

The DigiCharge Floating Handle Grip Mount was compatible with our Gopro Hero11 and other action cameras like Akaso and Apeman. It was incredibly easy to attach, giving us peace of mind as we captured our most exciting moments in and around water 💧.

The comfortable hand strap and lightweight design made it easy to carry, even during our longest hikes. The vibrant yellow color helped us spot it quickly when floating, ensuring we never lost sight of our precious cameras 📷.

Another great feature was the waterproof internal storage, which allowed us to keep small items like microSD cards or spare batteries safe and dry. This added convenience made our hiking and swimming experiences even more enjoyable.

The DigiCharge Floating Handle Grip Mount proved to be an indispensable accessory for our wet hiking adventures. It kept our cameras safe and afloat, allowing us to focus on enjoying our time in nature while capturing unforgettable memories 🌊🏞️.

My rating: 9/10 ⭐
Anna’s rating: 9/10 ⭐

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Drano Max Gel Drain Clog Remover 💧: A Hiker’s Solution for Clogged Campsite Drains 🌲🥾🚿

During one of our extended hiking adventures, Anna and I encountered a clogged shower drain at our campsite. It’s not an uncommon issue, but we needed a quick and effective solution. That’s when we decided to try Drano Max Gel Drain Clog Remover and Cleaner.

With an 80 oz bottle, we had more than enough to tackle the blockage caused by hair, soap scum, and other debris. The powerful formula worked its magic within minutes, easily unclogging the shower drain and allowing water to flow freely once again 🚿.

One thing we appreciated about Drano Max Gel was its ability to cut through standing water, making it perfect for our situation. We were also glad that it was safe for our pipes, ensuring no damage to the campsite facilities.

Having Drano Max Gel with us on our hiking trip proved to be a lifesaver. It not only resolved our clogged shower drain issue but also made our camping experience more comfortable and enjoyable. We highly recommend it for anyone who may encounter similar challenges during their outdoor adventures 🏕️.

My rating: 7/10 ⭐
Anna’s rating: 8/10 ⭐

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Amazon Smart Plug 💡: A Convenient Hiking Basecamp Gadget with a Minor Downside 🌲🥾🔌

On a recent backpacking trip, Anna and I decided to set up a cozy basecamp for our nightly returns. We brought along the Amazon Smart Plug to make our temporary home more comfortable and automated.

The Amazon Smart Plug is incredibly easy to set up and works seamlessly with Alexa. We used it to control our lights, fans, and other small appliances at camp. It was especially helpful when we returned to camp after dark, as we could use voice commands to turn on the lights without fumbling around in the dark 🌃.

However, one minor downside we encountered was that the Smart Plug requires a stable Wi-Fi connection to work effectively. In remote locations, connectivity can be spotty, so keep that in mind when considering this gadget for outdoor use 📶.

Despite this limitation, the Amazon Smart Plug proved to be a valuable addition to our hiking basecamp setup. The convenience it provided in controlling our devices was unmatched, and it made our camping experience more enjoyable overall. Just be aware of potential connectivity issues when venturing into the great outdoors 🏕️.

My rating: 8.5/10 ⭐
Anna’s rating: 8/10 ⭐

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URBAN ARMOR GEAR Case 📱: Rugged Protection for Hiking Adventures with a Tiny Drawback 🌲🥾

During our latest hiking excursion, Anna and I wanted to ensure our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phones were well protected from the elements and potential accidents. We chose the URBAN ARMOR GEAR (UAG) Pathfinder Protective Case, designed specifically for the S22 Ultra, and we were thrilled with its performance.

The UAG case provided reliable shockproof protection, with a lightweight and slim design that didn’t add unnecessary bulk to our phones 🛡️. We were able to access all buttons and ports easily, and the case’s tactile grip made it easy to hold onto our devices even in wet or slippery conditions 💦.

However, there was a small downside: the case can be a bit tricky to put on and remove. It took a bit of effort to snap it securely into place, and removing it required some patience as well 🤏. That being said, once the case was in place, our phones felt incredibly secure.

Overall, the URBAN ARMOR GEAR Pathfinder Protective Case proved to be an excellent choice for our hiking adventures. It offered rugged, dependable protection without compromising our phone’s usability, and the slight difficulty in installation was a small price to pay for the peace of mind it provided.

My rating: 9/10 ⭐
Anna’s rating: 9/10 ⭐

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Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case 📱: Streamlined Protection for the Trail with a Minor Issue 🥾🌲

On our latest backpacking adventure, Anna and I wanted a durable yet sleek case for our Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra phones. We settled on the Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case in Matte Black, and we were more than satisfied with its performance during our journey.

The Spigen case delivered solid protection with its flexible, shock-absorbent material, while maintaining a slim profile that didn’t add unnecessary bulk to our phones 📏. The case’s precise cutouts allowed easy access to all ports and buttons, and its anti-slip texture made holding our phones effortless, even in damp conditions 🌦️.

Although the case performed well overall, we noticed that it tended to attract fingerprints and smudges more than we would have liked. This required us to clean the case more frequently to maintain its sleek appearance 🧼.

Despite this minor issue, the Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case proved to be an excellent companion for our hiking escapades. It provided dependable protection for our devices without sacrificing style, and the smudge issue was a small trade-off for the confidence it provided on the trail.

My rating: 8.5/10 ⭐
Anna’s rating: 8.5/10 ⭐

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